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Since 2014 I work as a self-employed midwife, guiding young families through pregnancy, birth and beginning of childhood. 

This period of time is a very special one in every family with lots of questions, concerns and more or less complaints. I love to give you guidance and security on your way to your family fortune.


Take a look at my website and if you are pleased with my service offer, feel free to contact me.


  1. no more capacities for estimated birth date before January 2021.
  2. it will be a 'Save the Earth - Summer' 2019 ! From July 2019 I will only offer my service to families nearby who I could reach on feet, by bike or bus / tube. (postcodes: 44143, 44141, 44135, 44145, 44137, 44139, 44263). With this I reduce pollution of appr. 50-100km gas per day!  I would like to contribute that our children still get to know 'fresh air'.
  3. From end of May 2018 there is a new law: DSGVO. If you visit my website or contact me via email or phone you agree that I may use and save your data for the sake of statitics and for offering my services. I won't pass data on to third parties without your permission! For further information see "privacy" in the menu.