Unfortunately I can not accompany deliveries anymore.


OMG, here we go!!

Don't be afraid, stay calm and call a midwife!


Maybe antenatal classes will be helpful to be more relaxed and even look forward to your birth experience. Ask the "Elternschule" of your hospital or go to the next midwifery.


Most midwives work in hospital in shifts, others are in-patient midwives and supervise you through your whole birth experience.


Unfortunately there is some trouble with the midwife's professional third party insurance which leads to less in-patient midwife services and the capacity of each midwife is quickly exceeded. So, if you seek your personal midwife at your delivery, search for your midwife right after you got pregnant!


In order to give you full attention and personal guidance while at the same time being able to make a living, In-patient midwives charge extra for on-call duty. This 24 hour on-call service covers three weeks before your estimated birth date up to your actual delivery. This may be only 2 weeks, but may also be up to nearly 5 weeks!


Please ask your health insurance beforehand, if and how much they would pay for this service.